YoungstaCPT – For Coloured Girls

It’s Valentine’s Day and Youngsta CPT is out to spread some love to the “coloured girls”. Reaching back to his current album 3T, YoungstaCPT pulls out song number 16, For Coloured Girls.

For Coloured Girls is the 8th single off YoungstaCPT’s album, a special dedication to the beautiful women of his ethnicity. With this Dale Fortune directed music video YoungstaCPT shows off a few of those beautiful women. The music video begins with a special message for the women;

I learnt a lot about women while filming this. Some of you I have known a lifetime and others I’ve just met. Let me tell you that God doesn’t make mistakes, but forgive us men for our foolish ways and for not making you see how truly beautiful you really are.

Words are not enough and I couldn’t include you all, but this is for my coloured girls.


Check out the new music video and be sure to share your thoughts.

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