Youngsta CPT Unveils 3T Artwork, Tracklist And Insight On The Album

Thriving Cape Town rapper and songwriter Youngsta CPT is in and deep with the 3T campaign. Begin end of 2018 with the release of YVR, the rapper has gone to release 2 more singles from the forthcoming album. YVR was followed by VOC, and the last one Yaatie, which was released today.

Youngsta CPT has also decided to cater the final song before the album accompanied by the album tracklist. The rapper revealed to pack in total, 22 tracks. The album is narrated by Boeta Shaakie Roberts, Youngsta CPT’s grandfather. The album’s artwork was designed by @mindmazex95.

Youngsta CPT teamed up with CanDo to deliver 3T.

See the tracklist below.

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