Xenlaii’s “Idolz” Music Video Is Out Now

What’s better than one music video? Two! After his debut music video for “How To Play” was nominated at the 2020 Bokeh Film Festival, Xenlaii is ready to share his next visual offering. This time, he’s brought “Idolz,” a song on the SURF : AM (Deluxe Edition) EP to life in his second music video.

Teaming up with Sizmeister and [NOTHING] Creates Production Studio, this release sees Xenlaii seated in a room undergoing construction as well as an old television that covers his face. Remaining true to form, he keeps his hair blond and his aesthetic black and white throughout the three-minute music video. 


How do you feel about you Bokeh Film Festival nomination for your first music video, How To Play?

The nomination feels really great and validating, especially in a territory (like that of music video creation) where it is not encouraged to put as much thought into the visual articulation of a song.

What was the significance of the set design for the “Idolz” music video?

It was inspired by the idea of a lot of South African men not having their fathers around so they end up turning to TV and media to find their idols. The set was created to look like it’s the garage of a serial killer; think Hannibal Lecter. The fact that I am sitting down and in white and while the all-black dressed character is in the TV dancing aggressively signifies how we all want to break free right now. The black character is my subconscious and shadow wanting to break free.

What inspired the creation of this song?

I made “Idolz” to speak on South African middle-class family issues. The idea of how a lot of South African men don’t have their fathers around so they end up turning to TV and media to find their idols, as I mentioned above. We also end up having to be taught by our mothers on how to be “men”. The fact that our mothers have to work twice as hard to provide for us also causes greater turmoil because that means they are also not around much. A friend that heard the song described it as a revelation that a lot of men got some daddy issues to sort through.

Check out the new “Idols” video below.

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