Valentines Day & Music: The Flip Side to Love When It Doesn’t Go Well

The 14th of February saw the world celebrate women’s favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day.

Depending on how you feel about valentine’s day, no one can deny that it is a day that demands your attention. All over social media, I could feel the feeling of love and romance in every single post. It was all so gorgeous to see, but as much as Valentine’s Day is about the celebration of love, one cannot help but think of the flip side of all of this romance and grand gestures.

Love has two sides, and as much as we tend to focus on the positive side, we can never neglect the negative. Music release Monday blessed us with three amazing songs that I believe tell the story of the downsides of love very well.

Three notable songs that dropped on Monday were “Cold” by Blxckie, a single off his “4Luv Ep” dropped today, Stalling by Nasty C, and Venom and Shishiliza’s Sondela, which included an all-star cast of Yumbs, Raspy, Blxckie, Ricky Rick, and Tshego. All of these songs tend to contain the same type of sentiment. What happens when love goes wrong?

Are we reflective like Blxckie in Cold? He reflects on his behavior in his relationship before concluding his thoughts about his actions with the line, “She knows that my heart cold, colder than the winter is.

Are we angry and disappointed that it didn’t go where we wanted it to, like nasty C in Stalling? He raps, “You can just leave if you wanna leave, if you don’t wanna go the whole way there with me, then goodbye”.

Or are we apologetic and remorseful like the story Sondela tells?

Music is a great reminder that love is not all sunshine and roses, whatever your position is. But when it isn’t, what are your feelings towards the flip side your experiencing?

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