Tory Lanez Stands With 21 Savage In “Free 21” Freestyle

Tory Lanez takes aim at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and all jokers who have been posting crude 21 Savage memes and joking about the rapper’s┬álegal predicament in Free 21 Freestyle. The freestyle was released a few hours before 21 Savage was released from custody on Tuesday, 12 February.


Look at what happened to 21 Savage, I’m knowin’ that shit could’ve happened to me
How they gon’ cut our nigga from the country for simply rappin’ on beats
That happened to reach his goals, touchin’ the souls
Of niggas that happened to be out trappin’ the trees?

I saw a video of his lil‘ daughter this mornin’, it made me so happy to see
Happy her daddy was on the television, acceptin’ awards and actually free
Let’s keep it real, we ain’t finna lie, I think everybody laughed at the memes
And then I realized that that shit is mean
You can’t be jokin’ ’bout somebody’s freedom

Listen to the Mizzy Mauri produced freestyle, Free 21 below…

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