TheLastLetter Reflects on Her growth By Sharing A Compilation Titled “The Pink Room demo Tape”

TheLastLetter is working on her first full-length body of work. While busy with that, the singer/ songwriter stops to share some demos with her supporters and assess her growth.

On Sunday the 11th of December TheLastLetter shared a compilation titled “The Pink Room Demo Tape” on SoundCloud. Consisting of six songs, the collection of songs seamlessly floats across three genres, namely: RnB, Afro-Beats and Afro-Soul.

The release is spontaneous, experimental and intentional – I will explain why I say that. Firstly, there was no roll-out communication prior to the release, and the music is unmastered – that’s spontaneous of TheLastLetter.

Secondly, TheLastLetter has been creating, tapping into Afro-Beats and Afro-Soul. With this release she is definitely experimenting and would love to get some feedback from her supporters.

Lastly, while busy working on her first full-length body of work, TheLastLetter intends to remind her supporters that she is still out here crafting and so she shares “The Pink Room Demo Tape”.

Releasing this music TheLastLetter wrote,

For the past year I’ve been writing and recording many songs of different genres and styles trying to find my own sound while working toward my first official full-length project.

These songs aren’t finished and they might never be, since I am evolving constantly, but I’ve chosen to release these unmastered demos to reflect on my growth so far and to remind my supporters that I’m still here passionately working.

These demo songs surely raises our expectations of what is to come. If asked to pick our top three it will be: Room, Elevate, and Sad – in that order. Listen to “The Pink Room Demo Tape” below, and be sure to let us know what you think.
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