The Importance of Documenting our superstars: What watching Jeen-Yuhs taught us!

The 3-episode documentary directed by Kanye West’s long-time friends Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah is a detailed look into the rise of Global Icon Kanye West.

What we are shown is a highly inspiring body of work that not only relates seamlessly to the journey that anyone might be going through in their own lives, but it allows us, the fans, an opportunity to understand what it took for Kanye West to become the person he is today.

That type of perspective can not only be life-changing for anyone looking for inspiration that might not be where it is they want to be in life. But it is massively important for the culture and the longevity of the culture that we have certain types of content that show clearly a snapshot into what the culture was like during that time.

This documentary taught me that we need to do a better job of documenting the lives of our artists.

People have spoken about the history of genres like Kwaito, and how they have been lost because of the lack of documenting being done in a professional sense. Those movements, music, and the energy present during those times are integral to the music we experience today.

It is effortless for anyone to get a better idea of every era of whatever genre of music they might be interested in. This ensures the longevity of those eras as they now become sources of inspiration that influence the next era.

Our Artist’s stories are just as important and inspirational as Kanye West’s, maybe even more so because we can see these artists navigate a reality that we are living too.

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