Tha Slayer On The “Move” With “Jecha” & His “Bahadur Centre Diaries”

Meet Tha Slayer, the rapper/singer from Gweru in Zimbabwe. Some of our readers must be aware of the creative by now, but if you are new – let me fill you in.

Tha Slayer has been on the rap scene for over 3/4 years now, kicking off his career in Zimbabwe. In 2017 Tha Slayer joined Floric Entertainment, an entertainment company based in the south of Johannesburg in South Africa. In 2018, the creative released his debut EP titled Prologue, and a number of singles.

In the past two weeks, Tha Slayer released two fire tracks, namely; Move and Jecha. The rapper was also recently featured on the new Santu Blanko project, Dream Drum Uno. Featuring 2LA, Jecha was produced by King Kus, itsBryne and Pek, and engineered by 2LA. Move. released on the 31st of May was produced by itsBryne and Pek.

Releasing Jecha on Soundcloud this past weekend, Tha Slayer shared the song accompanied by an artwork written Bahadur Centre Diaries. Bahadur Centre Diaries is said to be an EP that will arrive on the 30th of June.

Not sure to look forward to the EP? Try Move and Jecha below and tell us what you think.

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