“Telling visions like big screens.” Simple T on TV.

How did he come up with the name Simple T and “yet be spitting these kind of flames”? This is what Simple T (real name Tebogo TG Lebona) claims “they” are asking him when they get the chance to converse with him. The Blvck Feenix / Feenix Entertainment rapper goes solo and hard on his latest offering titled TV from his coming mixtape, Freestyle Friday.

In TV, the rapper sets off to address how he feels that soon haters will hate everything about him so he no longer censors his middle finger because a “silver spoon was no where near his plate”. Like Eminen with the “crazy sound when he raps”, Simple T says he cares only about creating art, chasing money and scaring your favorite rapper – knowing he owes non of them – well besides his “daddy” – is it Veetaedo?

Even though Simple T is working on his solo career, the rapper still has his squad (Blvck Feenix) at the center of his heart and intends to ensure that the squad eventually runs the game and he pledges to be it’s captain who will lead them to glory.

Simple T has also announced the release of another single dropping on the 1st of November. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more.

Listen to the song and tell us what you think below.

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