Tanto Wavie “Dang Number” Pitfall Reoccur Once More

Zimbabwean rapper and record producer, Tanto Wavie is back at working the streams one more time. Having lost thousands of streams on the order of currently hailed Zimbabwean singer/ rapper, Takura, the creative has fallen into yet another pitfall. A couple of months back, his former YouTube distributor, Stewart Nyamayaro‘s account was taken down. This saw Tanto Wavie losing yet a number of thousands of YouTube streams.

Stewart Nyamayaro had distributed five of Tanto Wavie’s music videos, namely; Mama Told Me Do Your Best, Halleluyah featuring Audio Plug 3, Someday, John Chibadura and the popular Takura diss track, Dang Number. Now Tanto Wavie has gone to re-release four of the songs on his personal YouTube account, except for Halleluyah which is now released on Audio Plug 3’s account.

Tanto Wavie has control of his content now, let us hope similar pitfalls won’t recur. Support this young DopeOffthePress certified future King of the Zimbabwean rap game by checking out the regarded visuals below. Be sure to share your thoughts.


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