Stories Behind Their Stage Names : Tommy Flavour. Tha Slayer. Black & White.

Stage names – we cannot underestimate how important they are for potential fans to take you seriously in the entertainment business. Your name should be derived from somewhere, have a meaning, a message or create a certain image of you before your audience even know what you are about.

Some artists use their real names; others prefer pseudonyms or a nickname when it comes to stage names. Today we take a look at a few upcoming artists with interesting stage names that entice you to search for them on the internet just to get a feel of what their music is all about. If you ask me I think they are the future faces of music in Africa.

Tommy Flavour

Tommy has got that flavour to him. The Tanzanian artist has style, a charming face, swag and a voice to match – oozing and dripping pure flavour to perfectly fit his alias. Asked what inspired the name “Tommy Flavour” in a recent interview, Tommy said a lot of people have always told him how unique his voice is – how it’s got “a different flavour to it”. His full name being Thomas Gration, others preferred to call him Tom but he preferred “Tommy” which he felt was rather unique and had a little swag to it, hence the name Tommy Flavour.

Curious to get to know Tommy Flavour? Check out his new visuals for his track titled Do it – a dance all night, put on repeat type of song promising to be a hit.


Tha Slayer

The name “Tha Slayer” gets you imagining what this next artist can do on stage when he gets hold of a mic. Zimbabwean rapper Tha Slayer, born Tatenda Chehura, literally slays most has been, current and future rap heads of our continent and beyond. The rapper has that classic, real and flowing type of rap blended with emotion and passion in it.


Tha Slayer says he got his stage name from a “fan” back in school while free-styling one afternoon at a basketball court. He mentioned ‘the slayer’ in his impressive freestyle and it caught the attention of one of those who were in the audience who went on to title him Tha Slayer. A well-fitting title for a guy who puts his soul into his raps and gets your mind-blown by his voice and flow.


Black and White

Last but not least is a rather interesting South African duo called ‘Black and White’. At first glance the name sparks the idea of race, considering the fact that one is black and the other is coloured, but no – the two rap so well and produce nothing but magic with their music that is easy to relate to regardless of your origin, religion or race.

Duos are rare to come across in the Hip Hop/ Rap industry where so many are trying to get some street cred and have their

egos stroked by being titled the “best rapper alive”. Already this sets Black and White apart from everyone else and shows a sense of uniqueness that is definitely unequaled. Vice W says a friend gave them the name with the intended connotation being the ability of their music to cater to everyone.

Vice W real name Sphelele Ngema and Tristan Summers real name Nazim Ally seem to be living up to what their stage name says about who they are. Their music is diverse with a hip hop, trap, dance, contemporary and RnB influence to it. The two basically collaborate knowing they bring out the best in each other and together they can create music meant for all, loved by all and simply out of this world.

Check Out Black & White – Flava Flava here.


When fans recognize your talent and name you, it definitely means there is more to you than what you see in yourself, the world sees more in you than you can even imagine. That is the story behind these talented upcoming artists, real art and breath-taking profound talent.

They have talent and the world sees it, it’s time for you to see it for yourself and tell us if you think these are Africa’s next best musicians to grace our screens and radios.

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