Soulja Boy Claims The Existence of Travis Scott & Quavo Hancho Jack

Huncho Jack is an American hip hop duo formed in 2016 by rappers Travis Scott and Quavo of the Migos. Their debut studio album Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho peaked at number three on the US Billboard 200.

Soulja Boy claimed on an interview with Big Boy at the Big Boy’s Neighborhood on LA’s 92.3 that he is the reason Huncho Jack came to light, he said, “ [Quavo] was like ‘Who this little weird n* on the couch?’ I’m like ‘Boy, that’s Kanye West artist. You better get in tune. That’s Travis Scott.’ Fast forward to today we got Huncho Captain Jack – whatever collab album. That wouldn’t had happened without me!

Soulja Boy’s claims are curious however I believe they are working. As it stands he stays in the headlines, music streams go viral and he stands to prove his claims and correct his fans that he has the biggest come back. As for whether this matters or not – maybe Soulja Boy is finding motivation in looking at the good he has done – it makes him feel braggadocious.

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