Skwatta Kamp Makes A Comeback; The legendary Group Releases A New Single With A Music Video.

Skwatta Kamp

One of the most fantastic South African Hip Hop Groups has returned to the music industry.

The legendary group that gave us songs like “Umoya” and “The Clap Song” has announced their return to the industry with their heavily anticipated Single, “In The Name of Love”, and dropped the single’s music video.

The group that hasn’t released an album since 2009 was working on what could be their last album together as a group for the past five years. It will undoubtedly be fascinating to see how each member sounds fit into the industry as we know it now. Nonetheless, they have decided to make a comeback is very pleasing to witness. Many South Africans can agree that they are a group that inspire a collective nostalgia.

Songs like “Umoya” are classics that many of us would still enjoy whenever played.

It is an exciting conversation that gets sparked when a critically acclaimed act comes back after a long time of not releasing anything. How is the group’s new music going to fair in the contemporary? Will they be able to capture their old audiences in the same way they used to when they were at their peak?

Check out Skwatta Camp’s latest single below.

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