Should J Molley’s “Going Down” w/ Emtee Just Be Taken For Its Face Value?

Last week Friday J Molley unveiled his highly anticipated single dubbed Going Down. Certainly hyped for its collaborator in Emtee, the two creatives were expected to bring two different worlds together and that seemingly happened. However, should we just take this for its face value or is there more to be said about this song.

Produced by Lincoln, Going Down strikes the listener as a flex on “gold diggers”. Nonetheless, blame it on his futuristic element, J Molley’s crafting usually leaves one puzzled about the subjects of his creativity. With Going Down though, it is relatively apparent that the rapper/ singer and songwriter is flexing on the gold diggers. This is purely on the song making multiple references the stimulate such a conception without suggesting otherwise.

On the other hand, Emtee’s verse “whipps Cayenne but it’s rather cold as Alaska“. Coming through with his famed cadence Emtee sizzles on his verse. However, to a certain extent, it feels as though the rapper derails off the concept. The creative’s verse comes flexing on more than just the gold diggers but rather; cappers, those trying to count him out and more. Other than that though, Going Down is a hot track, one you should definitely check out and share your thoughts on. Mind the blasphemy.

Listen to Going Down below.

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