Shane Eagle Got A Song With Dreamville’s Lute

Thanks to Mass the Difference, now we know some of what Shane Eagle got packed under his sleeve. Still fresh from his European tour and song collaboration with Bas, now fans can anticipate another Dreamville collaboration for Shane Eagle. Curious to know when “Uncle Lute” will be heading to SA, Mass the Difference wrote to the rapper on Twitter and he actually got a response.

When me and Shane Eagle shoot the video for this song…“, wrote Lute responding to the tweet. The news comes well received by the fans, and Shane Eagle’s confirmation made it super real. “One of my favorite songs ever, Lute in SA sooner than you think!!!“, wrote Shane Eagle in response to Uncle Lute.

Lute believes we ain’t ready, however the rapper is excited to be shooting a video in the motherland. Check out tweets below.

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