Shabzi Madallion Unveils His “28” Official Music Video

It is now a cliché to say “Shabzi Madallion is back”. The fans of the lion are well fed and happy as the Madallion dishes yet more content – the 28 visuals. 28, released back in July, came as Shabzi Madallion celebrated his 6k Instagram followers. Now continuing with the celebration the song gets yet another set of Nick Walker visuals added to the rapper’s 2019 vast catalogue. The new music video was produced by Shabzi Madallion.

Since dropping 28, Shabzi Madallion has also shared his Verse of The Month Mixtape. He also recently released his one-minute educational song Be Careful. If you haven’t, also check the rapper’s We On Fire visuals from a couple of months back.

And that’s the difference between you and I. You are struggling to say that sh*t to my face. Move aside, this is do or die for the Madallion on the grind and I’m never tired. I’m at the dealership, gettings me better tires…”, raps Shabzi Madallion as he flexes on the new visuals. The rapper also uses this release to announce a forthcoming song dubbed GUAPO.

Check out the new 28 visuals below and be sure to share your thoughts.

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