SA Urban Weekly: Sho Madjozi, Rouge, Rick Jade and More

Welcome to SAuw Edition 3 covering what went down on the SA urban entertainment scene in the first perfect week of November. In this edition we talk Rouge on being the best femcee on the scene, Sho Madjozi finally meeting John Cena, Rick Jade’s wedding visuals and more.

Sho Madjozi Finally Meets John Cena & And John Cena Speaks Legal Action Against The Femcee

Last week Friday South Africa woke up to the news of female emcee Sho Madjozi finally meeting the object of her hit-single, John Cena. All thanks to a surprise from talk show host, Kelly Clarkson – Maya finally got to meet the WWE wrestling champion. Reacting to this on her socials Sho Madjozi wrote, “How did I manage to make a song about a guy who turns out to be the most amazing guy ever???“. Check out Sho Madjozi and John Cena’s first encounter – watch her reaction.

Thank you, Kelly Clarkson, for an amazing moment and what an honor to learn Sho Madjozi’s story and how WWE could inspire an artist around the world. Do your best to be your best, because you never know who’s watching or how they’re affected.” John Cena.

Speaking about the song on the A Little Late With Lilly Singh show, John Cena spoke on how he heard about the song. Upon hearing about the song from his socials, John Cena thought “oh wow that’s great“. John Cena also shares about how he chose not to take away Sho Madjozi’s effort and make it about himself even when WWE wanted the Champion to issue a statement. Rather John Cena chose to show how much of a powerful woman she is, check out the interview below.

Rouge Claims That She Is “The best female in the game”. AKA Says Stop The “Buddy Buddy Sh*t”

Rouge is out to prove that she is the best female emcee on the SA Hip Hop scene right now. Starting by taking to Twitter to make the claims the femcee wrote, “Honestly speaking I’m the best female in the game“. Speaking further on the matter the femcee wrote,

“The problem here is that some of yall in the comments think I’m asking. Meantime I’m telling you I’m the best female rapper…but do keep going. Lol, the haters talk like this right now, but then when they need someone to go toe to toe with the boys on a song or to perform like a beast – are the same ones begging me to go rep the girls. MUSIC IS THE ONE THING I WON’T APOLOGIZE FOR. I KNOW WHERE MY STRENGTHS LIE. SO DAMN FUCKEN STRAIGHT I BODY WHATEVER AND WHOEVER.”

Responding to Rouge’s claim one coming to contribute was SA creative, the Supa Mega himself, AKA. Responding to, “Honestly speaking I’m the best female in the game“, AKA wrote, “Finally. Now can y’all also please stop pretending like you’re all friends because we know that isn’t the case. This buddy buddy shit isn’t gonna fly. KEEP THIS SAME ENERGY“.

“Take it from me, the 1st two female rappers to have a PROPER beef, diss tracks and all etc will elevate the game and elevate themselves above everybody else. Their careers will EXPLODE. Some advice, use it, don’t use it.”

Is this a good recipe from the multi-award creative? Some industry fellows reckon not. Responding to AKA’s word Reason wrote,

“To all the female rappers in the game. Don’t fall for that female rappers against female rappers bullshit. It’s RAPPERS against RAPPERS outchea. Take everyone out if you must. The Number 1 spot ain’t reserved for niggaz!”

Priddy Ugly wrote, “I wish your tweet was about how females, in general, need to support & work together. Female rappers need to stand together and build, that way we form an INDUSTRY full of talented female artists, not just 1 or 2 bickerings over petty shit. This should be about talent, & not ego“. To this AKA responded saying,

Unity is not entertaining. The people want to be entertained. That’s what they pay for. Give it to them. This is the MUSIC BUSINESS not crèche.

What do you guys think?

New Visuals This Week: A Reece, Youngsta CPT & Rick Jade

It’s been the most active week for The Wrecking Crew/ Rubberband Gang as we got some new content. Coming through on Wednesday with some new material was A Reece. On the day the creative dropped a new music video for his Reece Effect song, We Both Know Better. Directed by Motion Billy, We Both Know Better was produced by Imp Tha Don, Mashbeatz and A Reece himself. The new music video shows a story about LOVE, PAIN & DESIRES.

The new music video came out a day as Mashbeatz’s Blood In

Blood Out single. Both their material follows up on the two songs issued by Wordz close to a couple of weeks back, namely Gone For The Season and Real N****s Only featuring A Reece. It appears Rubberband Gang is back to take on the festive. Check out the visuals above.

Also coming with new visuals was Youngsta CPT and Rick Jade. Youngsta CPT issued visuals for To Live And Die In CA taken of his recent body of work, 3T. Drawing inspiration from the Tupac’s 1997 song, To Live And Die In LA, with a juxtaposition being placed on Compton and Cape Town, YoungstaCPT draws comparisons between the two cities and how similarly-different life for the average citizens of both cities are.

“I’m coming from the Wes Kaap, West Coast / It’s like Cape Town and Compton are step bro’s / If you don’t understand our slang keep your bek closed / I grew up around 2 Pac’s they were all on death row…..” YoungstaCPT – To Live And Die In CA

On the other hand, it is South African wedding season and Rick Jade decided to share their recent nuptial experience with the Sweetie Lavo music video. The musical duo has steadily kept their romance rooted in their music, making the production experience breezy for them and enjoyable to their fans. 

When they announced their pregnancy with the Bonita music video, it was clear that Rick Jade documents their life by creating a type of “life long soundtrack” and love-filled visuals. This time around is no different, as Rick Jade has let the world into their special day with the Sweetie Lavo music video…their wedding. 

“It wasn’t hard. It was our wedding, it was filled with joy & love. All Nkululeko Lebambo has to do was film the moments. The hardest thing was turning a 48-hour wedding into 5minutes of viewing time.

Check out Rick Jade’s Sweetie Lavo and the Youngsta CPT, Blake Steenkamp directed, To Live Or Die In CA visuals below.

More In The News: Zakwe Unveils New Single w/ MPK, Musiholiq & Mzulu

After having been enlisted on a handful of songs this year, Zakwe finally brings some of his own music for the year. This past week the award-winning rapper came through with a new single. Dubbed Hell, the new single enlists guest appearances from MPK, Musiholiq and Mzulu. Check out the song here.

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