Rick Jade Unveils “Bonita”, A Dedication To Their Unborn Child

Music duo Rick Jade is expecting a baby !! If you don’t know Rick Jade yet, Rick Jade is made of couple, Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle. The extension of their solo careers, Rick Jade is presented as a celebration of the couple’s 10-year union.

Our narrative is one of African excellence. The freedom of expression in art, culture and spirituality. Love that is genuine & seamlessly natural in its expression. Our music is what a decade of love, friendship & chemistry sounds like. Our sound is both futuristic & nostalgic“. Rick Jade

Last week Friday the duo unveiled Bonita, a new single dedicated to the couple’s unborn child. Translating to beautiful, the song is as beautiful as its alias. The new single arrives ahead of the duo’s foretold forthcoming project dubbed DNA. DNA, initials for Da New Africa, is set to arrive on the 23rd of August. Bonita is playlisted for the forthcoming coming project. Releasing the song with visuals, Rick Jade wrote;

We present to you “Bonita” – a beautiful dedication to our unborn child. The future of Africa lies in the bond, the growth and the unity of the African family, as well as our support and faith in it. It takes a community to raise a child. Today, tomorrow and every other day, choose to celebrate life and love.

Check out Bonita below and sure to share your thoughts.

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