2LA – H.O.T.R (Mixtape)

2LA’s new mixtape, Hupp On the Road – abbreviated, H.O.T.R is upon us. The Johannesburg native rapper/ singer and producer has released three singles so far namely; Diba, Days in the South and Genaro (taken from H.O.T.R). This 9-track mixtape really signifies the effort and work the artist and his team, Floric Entertainment, are putting in their strides to be fully recognised in the African entertainment scene.

The artist goes from bodying verses to serenading prospective fans. “Hupp on the road” from Eastern Interlude – an introduction to 2LA, then take a recess at Sunshine (Skit) before switching it up a little bit till you Go no matter. In the interlude the artist paints his life story – never knowing his father, losing his mother before he was 14 and being split up with his sister to dropping out of school in preference of chasing his “iconic” dream “feeling like Jigga in the booth”.
H.O.T.R, produced by the artist himself as with a number of the songs, is a bouncy party track filled with sick flows on a hot “vibing” instrumental. The theme track introduces the artist’s intention to rock the party so he “hupps” on the road from the ladies that keep flexing with ‘what they got’ and he won’t flick the wrist, he switches locations paper chasing with his crew.
Call him Genaro, so true on his craft that you will always find him the studio no matter the wave. This track, produced by American producer Key Pee together with the artist, sends a message to all the “young rappers” who think they can come better – keep calm and work hard on your music is what it is.
After we recess at Sunshine (Skit) we go to the only track with a feature on the mixtape. In Never Change – 2LA calls on another Floric Entertainment rapper, 18-year-old T.H.E PersN and the two talks to the “ladies in their lives” assuring them that the entertainment scene will never change who they are.

This project delves in deeper than the surface — and that’s precisely 2LA’s point – to share with us what is personal to him in the best way he knows to – music. Not shying away from expressing his struggles, love found and love lost – the artist gives us a motivating project that says much about what better you can do from whatever privations you may face. Listen to Life Problems (Freestyle), Wait for You and Kill My Vibe.

What also important to note is the diversity in the artist’s craft. 2LA drives on Rap as though he is Pac, then he takes us on an Afropop trip in Go no matter and he packs some beautiful soul food for the road. The production and track selection is just perfect and cred well deserved by the production team namely; DriftBeatsKey PeeT.H.E PersNKandyNine7Michael Highly and 2LA himself.
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