Reason Officially Unveils New Single, “Ngiyak’thanda”

As promised, Reason has officially unveiled new music. Doing what we all need to do right now, spreading love and not war, Reason has released a new single dubbed Ngiyak’thanda. Amidst all the chaos in South Africa and beyond, Reason delivers the remedy needed, LOVE. Doing it the best way he knows to, Reason might just have bagged himself a hit.

Announcing the coming of the song with a snippet, Reason captions, “SIZATHU is back to what he knows best. Music. And considering all the chaos in the world right now… I see no better message to share with the people!!!! #Ngiyakthanda DROPS TOMORROW!!!!!

Check out Ngiyak’thanda below and be sure to share your thoughts. Who do you love? Let’s spread love !!

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