RAS Is “Waiting” On You, Check Out The Visuals Here

Living up to the theme of spreading love during this Valentine’s Month and beyond, African rising star, Ras (Real African Seed) celebrates women and love with the music video drop for his latest single, Waiting.

RAS has taken his music to heights that most independent artists can only dream of. Under his own record label, DIVI Entertainment, the phenomenal Pretoria based songwriter, singer, rapper and music producer continues to do best in growing his name in the hip hop music scene. 

The visuals for Waiting were shot at the Tshwane University of Technology, drawing an incredible narrative for the song, of a nerdy college boy’s alter ego pursuing a girl. Everything plays out in his head and he realizes at the end that all he had to do is be himself. Media personality, Sammy Sosa stars as the leading lady, playing the role of a shy college girl that’s being pursued by the creative.

Delivered in English and spiced up with a bit of French and Pidgin English, the concept for Waiting is inspired by Ras’ experience in high school. “I was very shy in high school. I really liked this girl, she was very popular and very pretty so everyone else liked her too, the competition was crazy. To make it worse, I wasn’t very comfortable talking to girls at that time, so I used sports as a strategy to get her attention,” he says. When asked if that strategy worked, he responds with a smirky smile and adds, “Let’s just say I got her attention.”

Check out the visuals below.

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