R Peels “Not Impressed” By The Zimbabwean Hip Hop Scene

So basi-fe-cally, R Peels just decided to wear his heart on his sleeve and tell you what he thinks of your favourite “rappers”. The Zimbabwean rapper recently released a diss-track titled Not Impressed going after female femcees, Bulawayo rappers and certain popular names on the Zimbabwean Hip Hop scene.

On the 2nd of May, the rapper took to Facebook to share what he thought of Zimbabwean female rappers. Facing some backlash for his statement, the rapper decided to make a diss track.

The post sparked reactions from the likes of McPotar, Brian Willis, Noble Stylez, Kikky Baddass and more. Coming after the rapper, they questioned him on his own accomplishments, cautioning him to respect females rappers because, “a lot of this femcees go thru shit“.

It is unfortunate that his statement was misinterpreted before being digested properly. Seconding the rapper’s point, the truth is the femcees haven’t been delivering creatively, lagging behind most of their male counterparts who have also been struggling to make hits.

Adding to this, with this move by R Peels, the Zim Hip Hop scene is now alive. That’s good for the culture and if you believe you can come better than the challenger, then you go into the studio and burn your response. Don’t take it personal or post threats on his socials, nobody can stop his career. And not allowing the rappers to speak their mind is what will lead certain people to feel like they control the game, and that is not needed.

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