Pdot O – Above Water

It’s new music Friday !! Coming through with a fresh new joint is SA’s renowned lyricist, Pdot O. Earlier today, Pdot O unveiled his foretold single dubbed Above Water. As you might have been anticipating – it is bars over bars, and we hope you feel him.

It’s “levels to the pen, in spite the money-making schemes.” Even though Pdot O’s prayers are not answered yet, and he ponders on whether they will be answered or not, the rapper still “scribes a picture-perfect dream”. Being as underrated as he is, and sometimes it feels like he is falling into a “bottomless pit“, Pdot O still manages to keep his head above the water. With Above Water, Pdot O wants you to know that even though he may feel hopeless, he is going to get through this.

Trying to unpack this will spoil much for you, so check out Above Water produced by Genius below and be sure to share your thoughts.

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