PatricKxxLee’s New “Cause My Energy, Love Yourself” Single Hits Hard !!

Ok, CONSISTENCY – check. And never disappointing with all his releases? His fans do reckon. PatricKxxLee is one creative to ensure he never sees his fans lacking. Matter of fact, it appears the rapper and record producer does it for the love and the fans follow. We only get the best of him, be it in his good or bad times – again, every time you feel the love he has for his craft.

Taking advantage of the FaceApp trend, PatricKxxLee recently shared a gift titled, Cause My Energy, Love Yourself. A song he refers to as a “munch” while he prepares a “better meal”, Cause My Energy, Love Yourself is seemingly setting us up for a new xxLee season. Let’s all stay tuned.

Listen to the hard-hitting, non-apologetic and energy steering banger, Cause My Energy, Love Yourself below and be sure to share your thoughts.
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