Onxka Issues a daring posse-Cut Titled “SAUCY” With Mordecai, LLYDTHEFIRST, Jac Lou

22-year-old rapper and producer Onxka releases an “insane posse-cut” with his first single of the year. The song is titled SAUCY and it enlists appearances from the creative’s fellow Phonetic Sounds stablemates.

To complete the four pieces required for the posse-cut, Onxka calls on: rapper, singer and songwriter Mordecai, whose recently released his EP dubbed the East End EP; rapper and stable producer LLYDTHEFIRST; and Jac Lou, a 21-year-old rapper who makes his presence felt with his hard-hitting final verse.

With its minimalist beat built around a stirring flute melody, this track is all about giving its enlisted rappers space to express and introduce themselves. The creatives toss the beat around to each other with flare and all issue solid bars coated in some sickening flows. While everyone does well to bring the heat on this joint, I do not think that this pockets everything that’s great about the Phonetic Sounds collective.

We are in anticipation of what is to come! Listen to the song below.

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