No Teargas Reunion Insight Just More Skhanda World Music

South African hip hop artist, rapper, songwriter and businessman KO says there will be no Teargas reunion in 2019 unless we start living in an ideal world. The creative took to his Instagram – publishing his #Vokals Volume 1 to answer certain questions circulating amongst fans in the entertainment scene.

In 2014 Teargas announced their separation and, to date it, it is no secret that the reasons where rather vile that bettering. After some hints of a reunion from Ma-E on a SlikourOnLife interview, Teargas fans got a little excited and we were now looking forward to at least one more Teargas treat.

However from this news, and probably more to come on the future #Vokals volumes, we can all bring our hopes down and remember we already mourned in 2014. Unless KO and Ntukza meet to agree – no Teargas for all.

On a bright note though, we can expect more Skhanda music from the Skhanda World. Share your thoughts below and HID.

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