New Yanga Chief “200” Single A Hype

Last week Friday Yanga Chief unveiled the arrival of his “second-born” off his forthcoming EP, a single titled 200. 200 is the creative’s second single off his forthcoming project, an EP titled BAPS (Becoming a Pop Star). The project will be officially issued on the 18th, arriving a year after its lead single, uTatako. Containing 9 tracks in total, BAPS also includes an unheard remix of uTatako. The EP enlists guest appearances from Makwa, AKA, Boity, Dee Koala and Riky Rick.

Hook: “Ndi nando yam e bomvu, hamba ngo 200. Ndi nando yam e yellow, ifana no Phongolo. Ndi nando yam e green, ngi thenga ngayo yonke e mini. Ngi beja ngayo ndi thandi uku winner, ndi ngena nayo noma phi”

This is the journey to BAPS. Listen to the new single 200 below.

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