Nasty C takes his listeners on a journey down his ardour With New Song “Can’t Imagine”

Nasty C started the year with the release of his hip-hop ballad Stalling. The mid-tempo, bass heavy anthem saw Spank Daddy pour his heart out with a lyric video fast approaching the million viewers mark.

Moreover, the Black & White hitmaker celebrated his 25th birthday as the brand ambassador of Johnnie Walker, which marked the introduction of a more mature look for Africa’s Coolest Kid. During this time the rapper went on to trend on social media as his fans gave the now internationally recognised lyricist his flowers.

In a continuation of delivering surprise releases, Nasty C releases the bar-laden and heavily suggestive must-listen Can’t Imagine. From the first hit of the bass, Can’t Imagine already gives diss-track vibes. However, it is lyrics like, “I can’t imagine my kingly self tryna mingle with y’all” or “I can’t imagine me at 30 power tweeting in my room about a dude, and being so over the moon about it.

While the Jungle rapper did not name names, the suggestive track provides the perfect segway for Spank Daddy’s Ivyson Army Campus Takeover initiative.

Set to begin on Wednesday 30 March 2022, the Tall Racks frontman is set to go on a national campus radio takeover by visiting some of the leading universities in the country and taking over their airwaves. This is as the rapper has already proved his dominance within the market with the Ivyson Tour of 2020.

Dates for Nasty’s stops are as follows: Any changes will be announced on his social media platforms.

UJ FM – Wednesday, 30 March 2022

TUKS FM – Monday, 4 April 2022

SMU FM – Tuesday, 13 April 2022

UCT FM – Wednesday, 20 April 2022

VUT FM RADIO – Thursday, 28 April 2022

KOVSIE – Wednesday,  4 May 2022

DYR (KZN) – Wednesday, 11 May 2022

More dates are set to be released in time. But fans can currently enjoy Nasty C’s new single Can’t Imagine.

About Can’t Imagine:

The ZMWSP Nasty C returns with another potential smash hit single, titled “Can’t Imagine,” a follow up on “Stalling” which was released just a months ago.

Can’t Imagine is a surprise drop, as Nasty C had not shared anything about the song until earlier today when he put out a teaser online prior to the song release.

In “Can’t Imagine,” Nasty C takes his listeners on a journey down his ardour.

Here, the rapper is telling us that he can’t believe what is going on in his life at the moment and how he has worked so hard with a great track record to prove and he still hasn’t received his flowers for the hard work, instead, he is getting hates left and right, he just appears unable to understand

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