Nasty C Gives South African Hip Hop A Sympathetic Two Out of Ten. If Not One

The conversation around the state of South African Hip Hop has been in exchange for a minute now, and even at the culture’s epitome – it shall be. New to weigh in on its current state, Nasty C gave his own a sympathetic two out of ten.

Speaking to Pulse Nigeria on an Instagram Live interview, Nasty C was asked, on a scale of one to ten, where would he put South Africa. The award-winning rapper responded saying, “No bro it’s like a two – don’t get me twisted – actually it might even be a one”. Acknowledging that SA Hip Hop is of course out there, the rapper says “Nothing interesting is happening. Like we are not seeing any new faces collaborate. It’s always the same dudes working together, and that type of stuff. It’s just boring.”

Surely not out of spite, Nasty C went on to sarcastically caution the interviewer saying, “If I gave you the list – my man”. Asked to explain himself further, Nasty C says that there is even people that he doesn’t like but he still lists them because they are a vibe and there is nothing he can say about it.

Do you agree with Nasty C? See the video below. Let us know your thoughts on the current state of SA Hip Hop.
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