Nas Explores India With Divine, Naezy The Baa & Ranveer Singh In “NY Se Mumbai”

Nas has been one rapper to show regard in creating music across his sphere, from North America with Ziggy & Damian Marley, Africa with K’Naan and now to Asia with India’s Divine, Naezy The Baa & Ranveer Singh on NY Se Mumbai.

Nas recently produced a Hindi-language musical drama movie dubbed Gully Boy starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt. NY Se Mumbai is taken from the movie where it is a featured Soundtrack.


I’m still mourning losses, still traumatized
My psychological trauma is now monetized
My life in a rap song is idealized
The price of that rap song at Spotify

Listen to the XD Pro and iLL Wayno produced song below.

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