Nanette Unleashes It All On The New Visuals For “Vent” Off Of “Bad Weather”

Bad weather has been released and Nanette has not stopped working. After the project was dropped, Nanette has been climbing the stairs to being a superstar. The accolades having been coming in hot. She finally releases the first visuals from Bad Weather with Vent. This sees her performance arts background come into play as she acts out different characters to portray the emotions of the single. The music is inspired by many of her favorite stars such as Nina Simone, Jhene Aiko and Beyonce. The music video reminds you of the 90’s with the nostalgic feel to it.

‘Bad weather’ is an album debut derived from Nanette’s loneliness, love lost, and grief. While living with her grandmother, Nanette remembers hating the winter months where it would violently storm outside while her grandmother worked late shifts as a nurse in the Eastern Cape. It was during this time that she developed a resentment towards bad weather.

In concept, ‘bad weather’ is a euphemism for troublesome thoughts, the types that keep a person’s mind restless in the quiet moments.

“All I’m asking, please weather the bad weather with me…I don’t want to be alone,”

Nanette says in summary of her debut album.


Sentiment demands to be felt viscerally; and in most instances, venting is the key to “letting go”. “Vent” sees Nanette croon over an unappreciative partner with lyrics that can be perfectly summarized by the viral Nandi Jkj quote about women who are, “constantly desired but never loved all the way through”. Additionally, the production of the song came at a time when Nanette was grieving for two fallen friends, Lukhanyiso and Cortez, while simultaneously navigating her first year in Johannesburg and the growing pains thereof.

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