MTV #BaseHottestMCs List Returns With More Controversy

Many might say that SA Hip Hop did not do much in 2019, but to those who followed the genre closely, we got a handful and a scoop.

It is that time for the year closing events; the SA Hip Hop awards rolled out – now it is time for the MTV Base Hottest MC list. Oozing controversy from its aura, the MTV Base Hottest MC List has become an important list that Hip Hop fans look forward to. The list evokes great conversation and engagement, we just love to hate it.

Yesterday the MTV Base Hottest MC List panel presented their preliminary first five MCs from the top. The list enlists, in descending order; Nadia Nakai, KO, Riky Rick, Shane Eagle, and Sho Madjozi. Still to be reshuffled up or down later today as they [the panel] unveil the top 5 – the list is already stirring controversy. From Nadai Nakai being placed on number 10, Sho Madjozi’s inclusion, just who should be in the top ten, and more.

Recently SA Hip Hop Wall of Fame honored, AKA and Cassper Nyovest also came out seemingly agreeing, maybe for the first time. Cassper Nyovest twitted;

Its just some Joburg shit bro. Nothing more than a “who is the most liked rapper in Joburg right now” typa thing wang thola? It’s great TV though. Very intriguing. Makes the fans talk. We need that. As long as the culture is talking. In terms of credibility and significance? FOKOL

Also not impressed, AKA went as far as cursing all those on the list. The multi-award-winning creative twitted; “Honestly … fuck everyone on the MTV’s hottest emcees list. From #1 to #10 … all of y’all trash“. The following tweets say he was only pulling our legs. However, a fan twitted a video of the rapper speaking on the MTV Base List, reminding us of what the Supa Mega once said. Hope they remember.

Other artists who had something to say about the award said;

#MTVBaseHottestMc Every artist has been an award losing artist at an award show of sorts… A list is no different. 9, 6, 4, 1, 1… My positions since the lists’ inception. Note the trajectory. Do that and uzobanyisa… Nose down, spaan phezulu.

#MTVBaseHottestMc Also, to the artists… We make the music(work) and put it out to the world so it can be loved, hated and/or fairly critiqued BY THE WORLD! So let that happen and then…. nose down, spaan phezulu. See y’all 2020.


It’s so crazy how I can be celebrated for my Achievements outside but not at home… maybe it’s cos they see me too much or rather DONT see me. I mean, what’s the criteria again? What am I missing this time.

I actually would’ve been fine with anything but 10, cos that would mean I’m progressing and moving forward! But obviously the “game” thinks I’m not. I work my ass off man… actually let me just log off! Mxm…

Nadia Nakai

A lot of this shit makes for good talk, conversations, debates and keeps the game busy. But to all the artists who work their ass off, blood sweat and tears in their craft and outside of it. Nobody Validates you but YOU And YOUR supporters. That’s the Diamond.

P Dot O

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