Shane Eagle Emphasize His Importance & Place w/ Dark Moon Flwr

Shane Eagle has always been a peculiar figure in the South African hip hop scene. Coming up unconventionally through the Tv Show The Hustle, initially it was difficult to pin down what Shane was all about. Fast-forward a few years on, and the haze has faded, and we have a clearer picture of what Shane is all about. And with the release of his latest offering, Dark Moon Flower, Shane has placed further emphasis on his importance and place in the game.

With Dark Moon Flower being a mixtape, you could excuse it for its length (with it being 23 songs long). But, throughout the project, Shane still manages to find some form of cohesion to make the project feel less like a plethora of tracks, and more like a body of work. From the project’s opener, BLACK, until its closer, Chef Eagle, Dark Moon Flower seems to draw inspiration from Shane’s two prior projects, namely Yellow and Never Grow Up. Lyrically, Shane further delves deeper into his personal life and the year’s challenges. Eagle touches on growing up around the toughest of tough on Storytime while managing to keep intrigued with the tale. He also touches on personal loss with the passing of his father, Ronnie Hughes, throughout the project (Some Are Fine & Zaire).

In this vein, you could say that music provided Shane with a much-needed escape and form of expression. Dark Moon Flower further builds on the distorted sound found prominently throughout its predecessor, Never Grow Up. And if anything, it seems Shane has found a home in the core sounds that he puts out. Whether it’s the hard-hitting production of tracks like BLACK, and the Nasty C assisted single PARIS or the calm and lyrically-filled tracks like Questionz and standout track June, Shane has definitely found a pocket of space in the game.

Shane is well known for moving in the dark on his business moves and musical collaborations until they see the light of day. And never has that been more evident than with the star-studded features that shocked fans on the day that Dark Moon Flower was announced. From working with Dreamville members Bas and Lute, to working with a hip hop fan favorite in Caleborate, Shane showed fans that he’s well within reach of some of Hip Hop and music’s biggest names. Not only did Shane manage to work with some of his biggest inspirations and favorite artists, but he did so in superb fashion. Standout tracks off Dark Moon Flower include the The Hics assisted track Whispering to the Moon, and the feel-good Santi and Bas collaboration titled Vanya. Throughout Dark Moon Flower, Eagle showed that he can soar with the best while staying true to what he’s trying to portray.

At 23 songs long, Dark Moon Flower shows all that Shane Eagle has to offer. From having fun and flexing his Off Whites, to being vulnerable and personal, and showing off his lyrical prowess. Eagle reminds fans that he’s one of the best in the country, and could soon soar to greener pastures abroad.

With three projects in as many years, a debut album, an EP, and finally a mixtape, it’s safe to say that Shane finally has the complete discography.

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