Megacy Over Everything Tour, Johannesburg Leg Postponed

Yesterday, the Megacy Over Everything Tour promoter, Unvrs announced the postponing of the Johannesburg leg of the tour. Writing on their Instagram they said, “

Due to an on-going dispute between the venue and the city, we have decided to postpone, plus our show is TOO LOUD. We refuse to do a quiet show – WE ARE GOING LOUD at a later date with the city’s permission“.

Unvrs assures the fans who booked early not to despair because the show will go on. However, if any feel the need to get rid of the current tickets and cop the ones for a new date, feel free to get a refund.

“Webtickets will refund Webtickets and Pick n Pay sales and promoters will refund promoter sales. For more information please contact MOE on”
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