Meet Katlego Gordana, The Face Behind Some Of our Favorite South African Artist’s Wardrobes

Over the past two years we have had killer combos in the music videos of the up and coming South African stars, all attributed to Katlego Gordana. Katlego is a music video director, sneakerhead and a very talented stylist. To date, Katlego has worked with the likes of Focalistic, Young Stunna, Moozlie, Blxckie, to name a few.

Katlego has managed to bring out stylish outfits for these artists, at the same time helping them express themselves creatively with visuals. The talent she has with directing  and set decorating plus styling the artist proves she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Her name commands respect in the South African Music industry. She is the person behind a lot of really dope looks with a lot of our favorite stars in the country. Ms. Gordana’s hand in the music space is a real testimony of how Stylists like her are very important  in the branding of artists and the power of imagery.

Katlego directed music videos for “Spazz ” by Dee Koala ft Blxckie and K.Keed among others. The styling in the music video is also done by her just to show how youthful her combos look and how she understands how the youth are dressing and bring it out through the visuals.

We commend her work and support female creatives in the Music scene. Katlego is the true embodiment of the real connection between music and fashion. You can check some of her work on her Instagram page @katlego.gordana

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