Maybe A Reece sends goodwill to the MTV Hottest MC List panel

So – the MTV Base Hottest MC List 2018 controversy continues (now around; A Reece (exclusion),Kwesta (number 1?) and Moozlie (inclusion) and Scoop Makhathini responds by blaming it on the fans and suggests that the list is compiled according to how much music you sell…

However, A Reece spreads “goodwill” to all – or not? This comes after Scoop Makhathini (who was part of the deciding panel) tweeted with remorse regarding their decision that excluded DA L.E.S and A Reece from the 2018 list.

A Reece responded to the tweet with ‘…when the knife falls & sticks right into the ground…’ – but before we run with it and expect him to go around stabbing the list’s panel, lets take it “lithely”. 

According to a certain superstition, a knife falling is a bad thing, however, in another superstition – a knife falling and sticking into the ground is a good sign – depending on which direction the knife is leaning.

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