Matt Arend’s Inkosi Heritage Africa Timepiece

Check out this Matt Arend’s Inkosi Heritage Africa watch, a timepiece which supposedly empowers its possesser with a sense of pride in their roots, culture, and heritage. The timepiece is a genuine flagship custom piece designed to showcase innovative watch design with African roots.

The Inkosi Heritage Africa is handmade by 2 Matt Arend’s watchmakers and takes close to 2 full days on each timepiece to achieve the right color tones on the metal and the final polishing of all parts.

In addition, Matt Arend only use top specifications for this model as they need it to be a piece for the generations.

Matt Arend is identifying a cause to donate certain proceeds of sales on this timepiece to in order to support skills development, children education, women empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

Get this timepiece for only ZAR 4 999.00 and share Matt Arend’s vision with this timepiece.

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