Mashbeatz – Blood In Blood Out

It appears the Rubberband Gang is breaking their silence and making a return to issuing some new music. After a couple of months of silence, about last week back Wordz came through with two fresh joint’s, with one of the songs enlisting a verse from A Reece.

Now a day ago, Mashbeatz came through with yet another Rubberband Gang joint dubbed Blood In Blood Out. Blood In Blood Out enlists guest appearances from A Reece and Krish. With an exploitative thrill built to it, Blood In Blood Out draws its inspiration from a 1993 American crime-drama film titled Blood In Blood Out: Bound by Honor. In the movie, a gang plays their cards recklessly and end up split by prison and the rise of other gangs. As it rolls out, more backstabbing and betrayal takes place, proving that loyalty is overrated.

Seemingly just another creative piece from the Rubberband Gang, Blood In Blood Out can’t, however, just be taken for its face value.

Say you got the lot but most of it comes from us
Nobody knows nothing ’till stories get uncovered
Gave you a chance to tell it, now they gotta hear it from us
Couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes, you suck puppets
Fact remains – nobody did it how I’ve done it
We saw the interviews, you niggas just press runners
What’s a couple of rumours compared to the struggles I’ve suffered?

Listen to the Blood In Blood Out below.

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