Manu Worldstar Shares His “MANUscript” Vlog Episode 1

Manu Worldstar finally caught his break last year, released his hit single titled Nalingi. Now it’s a slippery slope as the creative and his crew are now getting multiple bookings and causing mayhems at events. To let you his fans inside this chapter of his life, Manu Worldstar will be sharing his vlogs titled MANUscript.

Manu Worldstar recently shared episode 1 of the MANUscript which focuses on Manu Worldstar and his crew’s Youth Day weekend. The 11 minutes video shows Manu Worldstar performing at Flexecution, SA’s Most Wanted and the Castle Lite Unlocks experience. The first of his vlogs, the video shows appearances from Luna Florentino, Dee Xclsv, Una Rams and more.

Check out the first of his vlogs, Youth Day, shot and edited by Loddy Thabang. Be sure to share your thoughts.

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