Mandla Ginger Paints Out Johannesburg With Debut Single, “Jozi”

Making his debut with a single dubbed Jozi is Amandlaenkosi aka Mandla Ginger. Hailing all the way from Diepkloof Soweto, Mandla Ginger kicked off his career in a choir to being an Indie-Soul performer prior to 2018. Now the crooner arrives on the music scene partnering with Johannesburg-south based label Floric Entertainment to release his first single.

With Jozi, Mandla Ginger highlights his writing, vocal and harmony prowess. The song shares light on the hustles and difficulties in Johannesburg. Put out as a love song, following his theme of making “songs that girls love”, Mandla gets cautioned by a girl he is trying to woo to stay focused for this is Jozi.

Releasing the song, Mandla Ginger tells that this song is based on true events and is therefore personal to him. Writing on SoundCloud he says,

The song; ‘Jozi’ talks about a man who has just moved to the South African city; Johannesburg for work and better opportunities but upon arrival he meets a girl and falls in love with her despite her warning him that no-one really has time to fall in love in this city as everyone is solely focused on working hard and changing their own lives.

Listen to Jozi below and share your thoughts.

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