Major League DJs Sign Major Global Record Deal With Atlantic Records

The Major league DJs are celebrating another major win! Fresh off of dropping the first-ever Amapiano NFT, the superstar brothers maintain their goal of taking Amapiano to the world by signing a major record deal with music powerhouse Atlantic records.

The deal will not only allow them to increase their foothold on the global stage, now they also have a massive major label backing their sound and their movement.

It is a truly magnificent thing to see, considering that the genre that has managed to take them all around the world is being created on our shores. Such a development not only serves to open the world up to the brilliance of the Amapiano genre, but it also opens the door to other Amapiano artists and DJs who are also capable of blazing their trail on the world stage.

I genuinely hope that this moment is one of the breaking moments for a lot more of our artists, for the simple reason that our music and our sound deserves to be experienced worldwide.

Amapiano has been a great ambassador for South African music and culture, and we can only hope that its success is the launching pad for many other artists.

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