Luna Florentino Strikes More Experimental & Experienced On His New Single Titled “Aweh”!

Rustenburg rapper/ songwriter and producer, Luna Florentino rides a subtle flavored Amapiano, and Hip Hop fused wave on his latest single offering.

Luna Florentino is 200 degrees inside his element releasing his new joint dubbed Aweh. As been practiced and gradually perfected, Aweh is a self-produced song handled under the creative’s producer moniker, The Urban Lunatic. The rapper’s delivers Aweh with a cool flow that allows listeners to experience his international cadence on local flavor without sounding out of place.

Speaking on his creative process, the Fresh Prince of Rustenburg tells DOTP that the beat comes first and sets the tone of the song. The rapper doesn’t “physically write” his lyrics down. “I just record and punch in and feed off of the energy of the beat”.

Aweh arrives together with a music video directed, shot, and edited By Dero Moe. Check it out below!

“I honestly started that beat on a blank canvas, I had nothing in mind”, says Luna Florentino speaking on Aweh. “I just knew what BPM I wanted to work with, and I knew the log drum had to be there. I didn’t know how the final product was going to come out, but I’m glad this is what it came to”. Aweh makes use of a few sounds in its instrumentalization, taking a “less is more” approach”.

Luna Florentino hinted of more music to come. We might not yet be set to receive a full-on album; however, the rapper tells us that he has a catalogue in his archives that he is itching to put out. “I just feel like I need the correct infrastructure to take it to the level it can potentially get to”, says Luna Florentino speaking on this music to come!

Stay tuned here, and to Luna Florentino’s page for more to come! Hint hint – new brand & new merch- announcement, “fresh out the box, straight out the oven”, and more big news soon to come!

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