Listen To Attwell – Unborn, New EP

South African rapper Attwell delivers his first compiled project catered by fellow Floric Entertainment engineer Santu Blanko, an EP dubbed Unborn. Unborn plays for close to nine minutes of the hardest but exciting trap maze consisting of short dripping hits. Attwell combined the production skills of AnxiousBeats (on Aye), Kivya (on Cum To Rich) and Apophis (on Black be purple, White be pinky).

From a conversation with Attwell, the singer/ songwriter and rapper assures us that more music is now to come and Unborn is the beginning of it all – a glimpse into the future. Try to not listen to this while you are driving, but if you think you can take it – put a grip on the stirring wheel and when you get home – be sure to tweet your favorite DJ so they bring this project to the party !!

Was it worth the wait from his first and only single from 2018 World of Demons? Listen below and share your thoughts.
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