Kwesta Imparting Wisdom or Throwing Jabs In “Reporting Live From Katlehong”?

Over the weekend Kwesta celebrated his 31st first birthday, unveiling some new music as a gift to himself. Finally something for the streets, Kwesta dropped Reporting Live From Katlehong. Laced on a mid-tempo 90s inspired Hip Hop instrumental, Reporting Live From Katlehong enlists a guest appearance from Youngsta CPT.

Seemingly just another industry service announcement, Reporting Live From Katlehong is somehow steering questions amongst the Hip Hop fans. Is Kwesta throwing jabs at someone? Many reckon that the rapper’s second verse, especially, is directed at A Reece. Some put forward that Kwesta is responding to DJ Speedsta calling out his management for bookings without confirmation. In general, the seasoned rapper appears to be addressing the new rappers on the scene, educating as he reflects on his growth.

Ok, that big bro shits done – before they take this nice nigga for a bitch one. Got the invite and they ain’t come. Pardon me I was at the Parliament discussing your income. That’s not your type of party. I know that cause there ain’t no Cardis ain’t no Barbies. It’s just the hardest and the smartest
Far-left Gabi le Roux so, of course, I’m a kwaito artist

Listen to Reporting Live From Katlehong below and tell us what you think. Are there jabs?

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