Kid Tini Unveils His New Flammable “Go To Freestyles”

It’s quotables over quotables as Kid Tini unveils his Go To Freestyle. If you looking for the hardest and most flammable SA Hip Hop/Rap scene bars, then Kid Tini claims to be your go-to spitter. First addressing the downers who think the creative is here because his “daddy rich“, Kid Tini is adamant that he ain’t here by accident. “Find me sippin’ on dirty sprite, I’m way too ill. Yeah I’m way too on, you can not fuck the hustle, bitch it’s way too strong“, raps Kid Tini as he closes the one-take statement.

It’s not a secret that the bully season is on and if you ain’t running with Kid Tini then you are running against him. The new Go To Freestyle comes as a follow up to his Get Money single enlisting Styles P and Stogie T. “Find me where the action is, actually rap with savages“, and that’s a fact. Kid Tini is on a ride no one can stop and with the Go To Freestyle, the rapper puts the bag where his word is.

Heard of niggas looking for the meanest with the flow. I’m the motherfucking final destination, I’m the Go To !!

Listen to the Go To Freestyle below and be sure to share your thoughts.

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