JustSolidMuzik Delivers GIAB & 548

JustSolidMuzik finally drops his first 2 singles; G.I.A.B and 548 – off his upcoming EP, A Okay. G.I.A.B is an abbreviation for God in A Body and hint hint – 548 is – 5:48.

On G.I.A.B (God in A Body) – JustSolidMuzik features Richyi Gatonye who appears on the chorus and the first verse. “With bible verse” like scripting, this song, above all sends a beautiful message of the “amazingness” of God and the life he gives.


Notable Lyrics

Richyi Gatonye “Wide awake make the dream work // I brought heat for the season

Live live long bring freedom // And still make profits off of business


JustSolidMuzik  “Living fast, dying slow // Moving quick, headed nowhere

Confusing the movement with progress // Bling on fleek yelling out “flawless”

Getting more money than knowledge // Refusing the truth when it’s given”


In 5:48 (Produced by 2TSY MAFIA), JustSolidMuzik continues his mission, in his own lane – “same plan that I had when I started”, JustSolidMuzik – to give back the gift he was given and being a missionary of the Lord.


Notable Lyrics

“…Treat it like currency, you get coin // You treat it like change you get life

It is how this music work // You either take or save lives

Cause every word is an action // To a different kind of revelation”


Listen to the songs, tell us what you think below.

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