JustSolidMuzik All Set To Drop Some New Music !!

JustSolidMuzik is all set to go. 2 Singles off his upcoming mixtape A –Okay will be dropping tomorrow – 05 May 2018.

Looking forward to these releases, we took some time to look at the infancy of his career by reviewing the projects that he released prior. Amongst an array of informative and entertaining content distributed by goodclear on their YouTube channel and by JustSolidMuzik (or rather, Young Solid) on Audiomack, we managed to pick who JustSolidMuzik (the Zimbabwean born, South African based rapper) is and what he stands for until this point – a distinct “Missionary of the Lord”.

Leaping to 2016 – in Whatever It Takes, JustSolidMuzik sets his intention clear – to reach his dreams, thee dreams – whatever it takes. He features Eve who he sings along with on the beautifully crafted and soothing chorus that really sets into the mood of the song and its intention.


Check out You the Plug – our own “current” favourite from 2017. @ISWN News Theme song.


Continued growth song after song? Be the judge – comment below.

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