June vth & Konnen – Blow Up EP: Unmastered Surprisingly Upon Us

On the 3rd of July – East London based, Africa Unite Records’ June vth and Konnen delivered a surprise EP titled Blow Up: Unmastered. If you didn’t know yet then let me fill you in. Blow Up is a 4 track EP, and as the name says – it is unmastered, that will only take you 13 minutes to go through – a dosage that you can easily find yourself needing each day.

The Blow Up begins on – well, Blow Up, the title track. June vth introduces the duo’s craft by connecting all the plugs on the hook and first verse before tossing the jam to Konnen who detonates. The two are taking all the “pressure from their new endeavours” – taking all they can on their way up without giving any attention where it’s not needed. An inspiring song really.

The route to a blow up is never straight – from those close to you losing faith in you to losing those who you love because of you failing to meet their expectations. To think that on meeting your Nicole love is always stronger and there is more understanding, but in this time in life, till one makes it and there is money, love rarely ever work out. If you take too much time to make the money – then you might also find yourself a Black Widow.

So, while in the midst of all this, June vth and Konnen can’t help to feel that the Blow Up is Long Overdue. It’s July already and the hustle is on so that as spring comes – it shall bring the good life with it.

Props to Africa Unite on this “new degree of music that separates itself from all the artists” on the African entertainment scene. Special shout outs to Andy Beats$cott, Dzubhur, Insane Maars and Minentle on ensuring the we get the opportunity to listen to this project.

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