JimmyWiz Set To Release His Debut Album, “AccordingToJim” This Month

Are you ready for Jimmy Wiz‘s debut album? Dubbed AccordingToJim, the rapper’s first album will arrive this month-end, Tuesday the 30th of July. Jimmy Wiz recently, officially kicked off his AccordingToJim campaign by unveiling the album’s release date and some bits of insight on the forthcoming project.

Quoting his OG Stogie T, Jimmy Wiz shares, “The hardest thing to do is convince people that there’s more to you than what they see. Words from my OG Stogie T. July 30th I tell my story #AccordinToJim“. A truly introspective project it appears to be. Check out the release date trailer below.


I AM BECAUSE OF YOU. The older I become, the more grateful I am to still have my parents around. Thank you for supporting me on my Journey,” captioned Jimmy Wiz sharing on his socials today. On the 30th of July, Jimmy Wiz will get to tell the world who his parents raised him to become. Meet Bra Joe and Ma’ Mohau, Jimmy Wiz’s parents in the captioned video below. Make sure you get the album on the 30th.

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