J Molley Drops the Music Video to His Single “Up To” From His Upcoming EP, Almost Dead.

When J Molley announced that he would be releasing an EP before his heavily anticipated full-length project, he accompanied the announcement with a note detailing where he has been and how things have been since he last dropped any music. The note contained a courageous and honest moment from him detailing his struggles with mental illness, something he says needed his urgent attention and the requirement of him to take a step back from the music.

Mental health is a conversation that has become a topic many more people are comfortable with having over the past couple of years. Although the nature of the music is a space of vulnerability and honesty, it is still tough to openly speak about the state of your mind that constantly has you at the lowest part of your existence.

For this reason, I take my hat off to J Molley for taking the time to take care of what ails him and, secondly, the bravery to explore that darkness in what should be an exciting project. We manage to get a snapshot into the level of depth and honesty we can expect from this project in “Up To,” and the video fits the song perfectly.

Let us know what you think of both in the comments.

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